What I Learned From Richard Branson..

What I Learned From Richard Branson..

If there was one person I learned about adversity and achieving great things from, it’s Richard Branson.
At an early age, Richard Branson discovered he had dyslexia. This became his greatest nightmare.

He believed this adversity would lead him to failure and hold him back from what he wanted to do.

Due to this major frustration, he knew there had to be a solution. Sure enough, he found that solution.

It was his fire, his passion, and his desire to succeed.

Richard Branson did not let his adversity hold him back.

How many home business owners out there make excuses for why they can’t succeed?

Even if I could count them all, I would lose track so fast the number of failures would begin to blend with the number who enter the home business industry.

The failure accounts for about 95% these days. Amazing!

But, what I learned from Richard is adversities don’t have to hold you back.

Imagine a world where problems, issues, and adversities were nothing more than a challenge.

A challenge you knew with 100% confidence that you would succeed. What would the home business’s failure rate look like now?

I know it won’t eliminate most of the failure rate, but I do believe it would have drastically been reduced.

Richard Branson taught me that you cannot let insignificant adversities hold you back from what you truly want in life.

As part of my self-help plan, I’m always reading books to increase my awareness and improve my level of success. A best place to start is to learn from other leaders who have been down that road before.

Autobiographies tell us that story. If you want to read one, I recommend Richard Branson’s, Losing My Virginity.

Autobiographies just like this, which you can pick up at Amazon, is a great way to learn the adventures and adversities these leaders had gone through.

Amazingly enough, you will soon discover what you thought what was holding you back is not at all a big deal when you compare your life to theirs.

For this reason, we need to learn from our leaders to help our businesses advance.

Are you getting the necessary leadership you need from your upline to help you advance in your business?

If you’re not, then you need to ask yourself a serious question, “When do I need to do something about it?”

Here’s the best part, we all have the ability to make a decision in our life. We can continue to suffer and make excuses or we can get up in this world and make a difference.

I don’t need to tell you where I stand.

Are ready to overcome your adversities just like Richard Branson?

What was one of your adversities you feel great about overcoming in your home business?

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