The Top 5 Easiest Businesses to Start from Home

The Top 5 Easiest Businesses to Start from Home

With the current employment availability being extremely limited, many in the workforce have turned to starting their own businesses. In the past this was a way to earn extra money when needed, however even the most professional and creative jobs are now available from at home entrepreneurs. With the increase in at home businesses, many ask what the easiest businesses to start from home are. Well here are a few of those businesses that are not only easy to start, but hold growth potential.


One of the easiest businesses to start is as simple as carrying boxes. As people move across the city or across the country, the need for a reliable mover is out there. If you are familiar with the moving franchise Two Men and a Truck, then you can see the possibility for growth. Two Men and a Truck started with just that, two men and an old pickup truck.

Computer Repair:

Technology is constantly growing and the need for those who know how to repair technology is in high demand. Starting a computer repair company from your home is easy and requires very little equipment. For the tech savvy this is a great way to create a growing business with plenty of room for expansion. Many services offered from home based computer repair businesses nowadays include mobile phones, gaming consoles, and home networks.

Web Design:

If you are creative, artistic, and internet savvy, you can find yourself enjoying a web design business from the comfort of your home. Every new neighborhood business needs an online presence, so the demand for low cost and reliable web design is high. If you have created a website, have the interest in learning about the latest web page setups or are a web designer who has fallen victim to cut backs, start your new design firm from home.

Ebay Sellers:

Since the start of Ebay, millions of people have found profit in using this popular online auction site. While many use it simply as a way to de-clutter their homes, others have found a steady flow of income by searching local garage sales for items suitable for sale on Ebay. Others have started businesses by selling high end items for other people and taking a commission. Other options include Ebay store setup, creating your own Ebay store, or even selling brand new items from drop shippers or bulk suppliers.

Lawn Care:

For many of us, we have mowed a yard or two as a child to earn a little bit of cash. If you have a lawn mower, weed eater, and trimmers, you can find yourself sculpting lawns all around the city. This is a business that is easy to start, creates an honest living, and can grow. The start-up costs are low if you use equipment you already have for your own personal use. As your business grows and you handle more clients, your equipment will grow with it.

Starting your own business doesn’t have to take your entire savings account and doesn’t have to be highly involved. There are many at home businesses that are easy to start, manage, and grow. With proper planning, goal setting, and a little advertising, your home business idea can turn into a gold mine.

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