The Greatest Networker: So how do you become the greatest networker then?

One of the biggest challenges many network marketers are faced with is how to effectively network so they can be the greatest networker.

Take online networking as an example, how does one go from not knowing you to having a relationship? Or, offline / in-person networking, how does one approach someone in order to build a relationship so that they feel comfortable?

Both are genuinely the same. The only difference between the two is how the message is being sent. Both has their pros and cons, but when you weigh what you get from it, I see it only as a pro.

So how do you become the greatest networker then?
Do you read every book known to man about networking?
Do you study successfully networkers and repeat what they do?
Do you attend seminars on networking?
The answer to each of these is a YES. The only thing missing which is even more important would be to get out there and do it. If we were to weigh the learning to the doing, learning would be about 20% and doing would be the other 80%.

Obviously, most of the effort will be applying what you learned.

Network marketing is very simple, the concepts rather and things like modern age and difference of opinions tend to cloud what works and what doesn’t.

And, one thing that does work is networking (regardless where you do it). It’s just how you do it is what really does matter.

John Milton Fogg creates The Greatest Networker in the World
If there was one book I can recommend on networking as it relates specifically to network marketing, it would definitely be this book by John. So that I won’t spoil the surprise, I thought I’d share this with you.

Click the link here to get your copy. It’s a free copy of the Greatest Networker in the World. You can download this from John’s site and immediately start reading it by today.

On this page, there are three audio bites of the book. John does a fantastic job with this and I highly recommend listening to this. There’s something about when you listen to something that it has more of an effect on you.

How I increased my value in 2008. These are all of the books I read
Networking Tip: Put all of your emphasis on learning about the other person. Find out what interests them, what motivates them, what their goals are, etc. In other words, take a genuine interest in them.

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