Struggling Middle Class Retire Debt Free?

Struggling Middle Class Retire Debt Free?

Is the economy eating your Retire Debt Free Money? Can You Retire Debt Free now or are your plans going down the sink at the moment?

Struggling Economies,
It was the GFC fault,
Its defaulting Governments

The cycle keeps going on and on and on and so does my Retire Debt Free Plan…on and on and out the door for many.

With this massive transfer of wealth happening right before our eyes, once again the shrinking Middle class is wearing the brunt of it all as they watch their Retire Debt Free plans go out the door.
Only this morning my journey was to chat with community leaders enrolled in Small Business Development to really get the grass roots info on what is happening out in the field. The story was not good, many of these business owners, employees will have no retire debt free money in their kitty.

– No consistency in income or cash flow and this is across the board.
– Employees have a job one day gone the next.
– Can’t guarantee income.
– Worst of all in one particular case the Boss’s going away to work on the mines to keep the income in to pay wages in their business.

If you want to retire debt free, clearly our old paradigm has changed and we need to enrol a new way of thinking. You know our system is not working something is broken and if we are not open to other opportunities there will be many challenges ahead
Making big money with plans to retire debt free is one thing, and when you look at what is happening in this economy, you soon learn it is all how you educate yourself and learn how to handle your money and make it work for you will give you then the ability to retire debt free.

Yes, because of my business sales I have made over the years the education I’ve chosen to pursue to learn how to protect and make my money grow is what has counted the most for my plans to retire debt free.
Is there a soluton for this? Can you retire debt free?

The answer is clearly YES.

We have 2 choices.
1. Learn and secure ourselves
2.Ignore and lose.

To have money will give you spare time.
For most at the moment, there are no financial margins for most families to fall back on if sickness or unemployment should appear

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