Starting a charity business

If you have money for registration and start-up capital to service the stock, it will be enough to start … But it will be after the creation of a charitable foundation or should I say starting a charity business, which in itself is not a difficult procedure, that all the difficulties associated with its conduct will start .. .

How difficult is it to create a charitable foundation? I could briefly answer: “not difficult” … and to finish this article, but it would not be very interesting and not very honest, because I know that the challenges are present, and they are connected, first of all, not with the actual creation, and to maintain and promote a well-functioning of the Fund.

In my opinion, it makes no sense to take on anything if you do not have a clear business strategy, unique ideas and competitive advantage. But if that’s all right, you can go to battle! And here, as a rule, begins the challenge (the literal translation is complex and interesting at the same time).

Problem 1. Your motivation and form: Do I need a foundation?

Charity sector – this is the topic that without deep personal immersion in the specific problems can not be done, or quality improvements make progress. There is a stereotype about philanthropy, saying that this is just a sentimental emotional outbursts, even with serious intentions or legal form.

If you are mired in a fierce desire to do good, to go to any of the existing funds and help out there! But when it comes to creating your personal fund, just to think about a professional activity, the process of management and competition (well, when there is one in the ocean philanthropy)!

Personal motivation, the desire to do good, unselfish and, most importantly, the depth of these intentions – this is your starting intangible capital to create an endowment fund.

Problem 2. You’re a beginner or you are not a brand. Or worse – you are a model!

Let’s say, the first layer of motivation passed, and now you need to proceed. You are ambitious, full of intention to do good, do it qualitatively (!), But who are you?

Well, if you’re already a well-known person and have a good reputation – that’s a plus! But if you are no one in terms of social achievements, then you have a long way to becoming, forming yourself in society, constantly proving your capabilities.

In other words, the area in which you broke, waiting for all the benefactors to run to you with open arms to help and do good together, looks at you, to say the least, suspicious. Especially if you have been previously captured in beautiful posters of famous photographers hanging around the city – it prevents the more “model of charity!”

It is also important not to forget that you are a beginner, not only in a professional environment, where it is shown on your great plans no one has to know, but you’re a beginner and to the donors and sponsors.

How to get them to believe in your good intentions and to obtain grants or private donations for charitable projects? Even if you are fluent in the art of oratory, nature endowed you with power of persuasion, and you polished fundraising skills, certainly the big fish is up to you to hunt other funds … Prove you better – it is not easy, it is very difficult!

But there is a chance, if you offer a new, innovative approaches to solving urgent social problems in society, and creative solutions to translate their ideas. However, it is given not for everyone … A real professional – social planners and creative – the market is still very, very small. Therefore, your primary task – to collect a competent team of top-notch experts to be successful in starting a charity business!

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