How to start your own wedding planning business?

A lot of you of course wondered how to start your own wedding planning business? Well you will find the answers to your question in the article presented below.

Wedding agency draws people by the fact that it will organize the celebration. Starting a business is easy, using the skills of the festivities, you can make the wedding day memorable.


Contact the tax office where you live, you prompt information on what documents are required for registration status of an individual entrepreneur. After receiving the certificate, you can start organizing the agency.

Find office space. You can use a stand-alone non-residential building or apartment, located on the first floor of a house. Renting is expensive, so it makes sense to rent a square meter at a time or to hold a meeting with customers in restaurants.

Gather staff, usually such specialists are needed at the time of the wedding, the rest of their services are not required. Therefore concludes piecework contract prescribed in terms of the document, the order of payment. Amount of remuneration shall own, it usually does not exceed 10% of the cost of the celebration.

Signing the contract with hair and beauty salon, places selling flowers, restaurants and cafes. Ask the registrar employees, whether they conducted field ceremony for an additional fee. How much it will cost, ask them for information about the professional photographers and crews who take their coordinates.

Find an MC that you provide a scenario of the wedding night to, you can analyze the work of several people, and then make the final selection and sign a contract. This ensures the quality of service.

Try to negotiate with the salons of wedding dresses on sale, they may be able to pass down to your customers, and in this way provide them with additional advertising.

Buy a paper contract drafting, you’ll need a computer, writing stationery. Order booklets printing, place advertisements in the media. Prescribes customer data indicate the need to pay a penalty in case of refusal of any previously agreed services. Put a signature, such agreement shall not be notarized.

Purchase of equipment for processing rooms, this could be balloons with helium, planters for flowers, ribbons, decorations for cars. You need to find music. Depending on customer needs, or you can use to attract musicians playing on the computer.

Positive qualities of this business are no requirements for certification and licensing
simplified system of taxation, the positive trend in the market (more and more people prefer to use a professional organizer), lack of competition, the ability to constantly increase their profits, no limits to the prosperity and success.

Can be attributed to the shortcomings of the season (winter weddings are much less than in the summer), full-time at the weekend, the novelty of the business (for most people, the service is unknown), the impossibility of direct sales (passive expectation of customers, their narrow segment).

That was a short list on how to start your own wedding planning business.

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