How to start your own T-shirt business?

How to start your own T-shirt business?

Views on the Riches of microBusiness

“Fun T-shirts”, “T-shirt printing”: the Internet is full of such advertisements, but why in this number? As in any business, this is also the main role played by general factors: the size of the required start-up capital, supplies, and the manufacture of one unit of product. And if we analyze all this it becomes clear that this is a very effective investment. Of course do not forget about advertising. Because it is only half the battle and without even a profit business can fail.

Consider the basic technology of printing on T-shirts, their advantages and disadvantages Let’s now see how to start your own T-shirt business? Interested? You bet you are…

1. Direct digital printing with water-based inks. For this technology, you need a special printer for textiles, filled with ink, and actually own shirts. The printing process is very simple, which is undoubtedly a big plus, Serviced staff to quickly and easily trained. In general, by taking a T-shirt, put on a special lining, the lining is installed in the printer, the computer sends the image to the printer, directly print the image itself. And then the T-shirt is ready.

As a result, the image is very stable, not tangible (like screen printing) for these pros image has all the good qualities of digital printing – is bright, full-color, high resolution and photo quality. It is possible to print on any T-shirts, cotton content are 100%, and with any percentage of synthetic yarn, t-shirt can be any color, and the cost of the print is not expensive (the average when compared to other types of print). The only disadvantage of this method is the high cost of the textile printer, from 200 thousand.

2. Sublimation printing. The cheapest technology, based on the transition of ink under the influence of high temperature, around 200 degrees, from liquid to gas and back again during cooling. For print in this technology, you will need a regular printer. Filled with special ink that is not much more expensive than usual, special sublimation paper, heat press and T-shirts for sublimation printing.

In principle you can use any bright polyester shirts contents of which more than 60%. It should be borne in mind that during sublimation is mixing colors, so in order to get the clearest image you want to use white T-shirts. This is the main disadvantage of this method, the range of T-shirts will be limited in the colors of fabric and will consist of T-shirts with a high content of polyester.

3 Printing on shrink film. The optimal choice for resource constraints. It should be noted immediately that the image on the T-shirt has sealed in a very specific way: it has a thick air-tight structure, and in the case of certain particularly thick films pronounced rubber base, which is not very pleasant to the touch and does not provide comfort when worn (in the case of large-area sealing). To use this technology you need a printer, cutting plotter, heat press, just the film itself and the T-shirts of any quality and color.

Determine the choice of printing technology and follow the dream depicting how to start your own T-shirt business. However do not forget to find find T-shirts in bulk for application of paint. No less important criterion is the quality. Price T-shirts – the main factor determining the cost of finished printed t-shirts. Suppliers complete, the choice is yours.

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