A More Productive Workspace: 5 Top Tips

A More Productive Workspace: 5 Top Tips

I recently switched jobs and went from working within an agency to working client side. I thought this was fantastic time to start fresh on my organisation and improve the way I work. So, I have taken many steps to improve my workspace, both at a personal and professional level. Below I share with you 5 top tips to get you started.

1. Go Wireless

The first decision I made was to go wireless. By this, I mean using the minimum number of wires to connect all my components so, I purchased the Microsoft Touch Mouse (which is fantastic) and the Microsoft Arc keyboard. My next step is to look for a nice wireless printer and earphones. If you have the budget, a better solution would be to purchase an iMac! iMacs are popular for a variety of reasons amongst which one is its simplicity and minimalistic design. The monitor is connected to the base and they come with the Apple Magic Mouse and a keyboard which are both wireless!

2. Less Paper

Having lots of paper on your desk is not a good thing. I repeat – not a good thing! Many people and office workers are under the impression having piles of paper make you look good and hard working but in actual fact, the less paper you have, the more productive you will be and thus, complete more work. Other than the absolute necessary paper, rid your desk of everything else and go digital. There are many fast scanners available for this purpose – the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300 is one such scanner.

3. Clean Workspace

I can’t stress this much enough. It builds on the first two points. Less Paper and Less wires = less clutter! Keep you workspace clean and tidy. Only have needed items in sight (such as the mouse, keyboard, phone, pen, paper and post it notes. Nothing else. This will help you keep focused and ultimately make you much more productive.

4. No Distractions

One of my favourite tips is to keep distractions out of sight. If you own a smartphone/tablet, this is more important. keep them on silent, vibration off and out of sight in drawers or pockets and only check them at intervals say, every hour or two. Believe me, this will make you so much more productive.

5. Large Desk

I recently change my small desk at home to a much larger one (approx 1.4 metres wide) and this instantly made me feel a lot better when working (and gaming!). The extra space has allowed me to concentrate better and makes the workspace look neater; in turn, helping me to focus.

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