Learn How To Start A Small Business with Passive Income

Learn How To Start A Small Business with Passive Income

How To Start A Small Business? Creation Of Wealth Starts When You Learn How To Start A Small Business.
Now is the time, with this Global Economy as it is; to find the profits which may be leaking from your business and really learn How to Start A Small Business the effective way.

More than ever before, you need to find the ways to Grow, Keep and protect your hard earned Profit line. And really understand the difference between assets and liabilities, income and wealth creation strategies.

Be contrarian in your thinking and take a very detailed walk through your entire approach of what you are doing and how you are doing the things.

Change is upon us, and that is what this is all about. We have a merging of two economies, the old Industrial Economy and the new Knowledge based Economy. Your approach on How to Start a Small Business will make all the difference in your final outcome.

So, how do you find the answers on How to Start a Small Business? The answerers that will allow you the most efficient and cost effective way that works with you and your small business.

I firstly would start with your believe system, and if I didn’t feel so strongly about that I would not mention it. You can’t achieve greater results than the thoughts you process. Boy that was my hardest learning, however after 30+ years in small business, my greatest lesson on How to Start a Small Business began with working from the inside out.

Wealth creation in small business must start with you working from the inside out.

My biggest breakthrough came when I stopped thinking like a Hairdresser and started to think like a Business Owner, and that means getting rid of the Mental Luggage and work from the inside out.

The next step in How to Start a Small Business I like to refer to this as my Alignment Process. So are you ready?


1. Position yourself. You need to know where you are, so you can work out where you want to go. Give yourself 100% and do not hold back.
What do you want to achieve?
What do you want?

2. Analysis your Personality. We are all different, however we are predictable different.

3. Dig Deeper ….
What is you “Why” – Why do you want to learn How to Start a Small Business.
With out a Why you have no reasons there fore create no results. P.S – It has to be bigger than just make money.

4. You Business will present you with what you’re not good at; does it mean you can’t do it? No, it just means you have not learnt it yet.

What are your top 3 frustrations you need to learn more about?
Look deeper into why they are frustrations
Build structure and strategies around those.
The problem is you cannot move forward while you have these irritations holding you back like a ball and chain. This is a strong area with a great deal of importance with How To Start a Small Business.

6. Analysis the Impact Points of Your Business.

This is anything that has a direct influence, either to the bottom line or the performance of the company.

Some call it the SWOT Analysis … (strengths, weakness, opportunity, threats)

Marketing – Test & Measure, Acquisition Costs, Market share or Wallet Share.
Sale – Build sale process
Delivery – The experience your clients + prospects get from start to finish, consistency.
Admin – functional organizational chart.
Finance – growing, keeping & protecting, Break – Evens , Profit goals
Cash Flow – total financial mastery. Wealth Creation
Profit –to create future residual income the tool for wealth creation.
Systems – the systems that work for you. Manuals, workflow, documentation.
Team – Training, Vision, Induction, Meetings.
Owner – Business owner / manager. Mindset and Personal Development

That’s it, Period.

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