Improve your results by delegating

Improve your results by delegating

I find lots of businesses, especially family businesses, fail to delegate well. Often, it is one or two family members trying to do everything!

Learning to let go and delegate is essential in improving your results, providing you monitor the results. Many business owners make all kinds of excuses for not delegating.

The most popular are:

1. I can do it better myself.

This is OK to a point but what if you are sick or on holiday? Identify the person or persons who you can transfer your skills and trust in.

2. The time it takes to explain I would have done it myself.

Again this maybe true but you cannot do everything. Developing an enthusiastic team member is time well spent. It shows your commitment and human touch to your business.

3. Staff will think I am taking advantage of them.

Not if it is done with encouragement and skill development.

4. I want all the credit myself.

Get out of selfish mode and pass the credit around. It will do wonders for your business.

You should always look to delegate:

– When you can train and develop talent.

– When you find someone with a higher skill level than yourself.

– When you can let someone else shine.

– When someone has more time than yourself so releasing yourself to do other possibly more important tasks.

– When you need to motivate and show belief and confidence in someone.

How to delegate:

– Explain why you are delegating. Your business circumstances etc.

– Why you have chosen this particular person.

– Explain the objectives and how you are going to measure them.

– What constraints apply.

– What resources they can use.

– Explain the task is down to them but you will be able to advise.

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