How to Successfully Sell Jewellery Online

How to Successfully Sell Jewellery Online

An increasing number of people now do a lot of their shopping online, including shopping for jewellery. If you are thinking of starting your own online jewellery business there are a few things that you should consider before you start.

Your Stock

If you only stock brand name, authentic jewellery you will do much better than if you go for the market selling fakes and knock offs. There is a huge demand for online jewellery, in excess of a couple of million searches every day. If you are worried about where you are going to store things and how you are going to deal with sending out orders and coping with returns, don’t. Many online retailers now use a fulfilment service to deal with the day to day storage and delivery of a retailer’s goods.

Find yourself a company that will offer a fulfilment service at a competitive price and many of the concerns of running an online business will be dealt with by someone else. Storing expensive jewellery in your home or garage is not a good idea; you could end up losing your stock. When you engage the services of a company that deals with storing your goods as well as processing them, your precious stock will be a lot safer.


While it is a good time to set up an online jewellery business you need to understand that the competition out there is quite stiff. Marketing is an important part of any business, and especially an online business because people will not spot your shop on their high street if you want people to know that you are in business then you have to get your message out there. Networking sites such as Twitter and Face book are ideal for letting people know that you have set up an online business. Start your business with some promotional offers as the best marketing plans always start with the benefits that the company offers its potential customers.

Your Target Market

In order to market your online jewellery business successfully you need to direct your campaign to the kind of customers you want to attract. Fair trade jewellery is now big business because people feel good when they buy something that is not produced by children working in sweat shops. If you decide that your main selling area will be diamonds then make sure that you stress you do not deal in blood diamonds and only source from mines where there is not this kind of problem.

Selling online is not the same as other types of selling and when you are setting up your website it is important to undertake some keyword research to see just what people who want your type of jewellery are searching for. While the online jewellery market is quite big and diverse other retailers can still make a profit if they follow a few simple steps such as those outlined above.

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