Go From Good to Great at Prospecting in Network Marketing

There are two kinds of people in network marketing, those who are great at prospecting and those who hate prospecting.
Which one of the two do think quits their home business faster then I can say, hello? That’s right, those who hate it.

In fact, if you are one that simply hates prospecting, then best advice I can give you is to get great at prospecting.

What’s great is prospecting can be handled in so many different fashions. You have social networking online or offline, situational prospecting, warm market and cold market prospecting.

The truth is prospecting isn’t something that you learn over night. What we do in our team is we encourage and guide the different team members how to prospect. A good thing to know is you can’t expect to be good at prospecting until you failed enough.

Do you want to know how many times I failed at prospecting? Well, based on all of the prospects I have spoken to, I suspect that I failed about 2,000 times.

Crazy, huh. I couldn’t believe it either as I was totallying up all of the prospects I came in contact with.

Some of those 2,000 failures didn’t start out bad though. Some were off to a good start but at some point I screwed up. I’m ok with admitting that too because I understand that it was just a part of the process.

That process was learning what did and didn’t work. Oh yeah, and some approaches worked differently for different people.

What I’m getting at is in order to get great at prospecting in network marketing, then you need to prospect more. How you can do this is to always be in prospecting mode.

There is a caveat to that though. Please be genuine. Because if you’re not and you will be seen as someone who is pushy, and you will simply repel people oppose to drawing them in. That would not be good.

This also goes for those people who rub you the wrong way. Don’t be rude, just maintain your confidence and move on. Show them you are in charge and paint a picture for them what they are missing out on.

Would you like to know what I did to become better at prospecting? If you want to learn what we do with our team, go ahead and reach me here.

What are you doing to get great at prospecting in network marketing? We would love to hear what you’re doing.

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