Is Free Leads Even Possible Online?

Is Free Leads Even Possible Online?

As it is no surprise to anyone, leads are vital to your business. Without them, there is no one to market to.
But, is there such a thing as Free Leads?

Now there are a variety of ways to get free leads, what I’m going to focus on is how to do this online.
And what is even more important is the etiquette one must portray while choosing either of the methods, because doing this the wrong way can jeopardize your reputation.

Of course, having a good reputation is ideal. So what do you say to approaching it this way?

All-right-ee then…that’s all I have to say about that.
Two Ways to Create Free Leads

Each of these ways I’m about to present to you deals with the following:

1. Build your list.

2. Build a relationship with your list.

3. Provide value to your list.

The first way to get free leads is an approach the top network marketers in the industry swear by and that is…

Use a lead generation process where you advertise and market to your target market. These leads then opt-in to what you are offering.

Now, this usually costs money. However, where the free leads come into play is, when you are providing value, what will happen is some will be interested in a product you are offering.

When these leads buy this product, it provides you with a new source of income.
With that, it pays for the cost to generate that lead and others.

As result, your expenses now equal your income and therefore making the lead free.

When most learn about this approach, most will get discouraged because they have to pay first. As long as you are providing value, and a product that will solve their problem it is actually not this way.

This is what Robert Kiyosaki calls, “Good Debt”

This means, it cost you something, but in return it pays you back and some.
If this is new to you, don’t dismiss this approach. However, get with a team that is actually doing this. You don’t want to lose your shirt.

The second way to get free leads is another approach that many network marketers take and that is…

Also using a lead generation process, but rather than advertising, you use free alternatives to generating your leads. One example of this, and very effective today is social media. Another is a blog.

Remember what we said about the 3 steps in order to make any of this happen is… Well, how this differs from the first way to get free leads is that it focuses more on your time and interaction.

Basically what you do instead is you research and find your target market by finding people who fit into the mold your looking for. This is very easy to do within Facebook these days as most people share all of this with you in their Info page.

Once you found these people, you socially connect with them and provide value. At some point they may fall into your sales funnel by opting in to your squeeze page.

The process beyond this point is no different than if you generated that lead through an automated system like we were referring to in the first way.

The only major difference is the lack of automation and time. Don’t judge now! Many have built successful businesses this way and perhaps it may work for you.

I know there are other ways, but most are a spin off from what I shared with you here. In some fashion, they are very similar.

What do you think about generating free leads online? Was this helpful to you?

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