Free and Cheap Blog and Website Hosting

Free and Cheap Blog and Website Hosting

Hosting a company website or hosting your own blog is a vital part of your marketing.
Many people fail to realize that Internet hosting of just one basic site, or using a blog on a free site, is just the beginning.

The fact is, with numerous different ways people can land on your site the more people will visit your website. If your websites are valid, are useful and improve your visitor, your Internet affiliate commissions and site contacts will increase.

This commentary is about different site hosting companies that are in line with any budget. This article will detail free website hosting, low cost website hosting, premium website hosting and it will look at what to expect of the hosting options.

Keep in mind regardless of which host you choose, if you have not created a website or blog before, you may learn how to do it by yourself, but if it is not an activity you are going to do on a regular basis, then you should hire people or retain a web designer. It could cost more but it will free you up to focus on what you are good at. There are many experts that can set up a WordPress content management system website in under one hour if you only want to get started with a simple site.

There are fundamental issues new people must understand about getting consulting with open source solutions and also hosting choices.

Open source software is in some version freely available and hosting, if required, can be nearly free. I am going to sound cliche and say that you will get what you pay for, but that is not always a bad thing as long as you understand what you paid for. Open source software can be powerful stuff, but finding an experienced expert that can get it up and running for you and help you customize it is not going to be cheap. Without knowing an expert personally, you are going to have to find some help and you must not assume it should be inexpensive just given that it was free software.

Beyond that, website hosting can be free or nearly free. You could set up a rack of servers and spend $2,000 per month in hosting if you need to. What is the difference? One difference is sharing. Your cheap hosting will be on a machine that is shared with a lot of people. It will go down more regularly and when you obtain a sudden burst of traffic, it will slow down and maybe stop.

However, if you just have a low volume site and normal website visitors, there is no reason to ignore this low cost hosting company. Just keep in mind you will want to be sure you do backups of your site because these hosting organizations are probably not making backups of your site.

Cheaper Domains – It is prudent to realize that registering a domain for a website can cost a little or a lot, depending on where you register it. I use a low cost registrar for domains you can visit at Outstanda Hosting. True they do more than just hosting, but I typically prefer the hosting at BlueHost. But Bluehost is more expensive for domains. So if you are skilled at referencing domains in one place to servers on another companies datacenter, this is the most economical way to set things up. You just set up the domain name server to the Bluehost Name Server and it will be easy.

Host 10 Free Sites – Dot Easy Hosting – I had a representative contact me about free hosting and the offer seems like it could help some people. At the moment they are offring 10 free site. The way they do make money is in the higher cost of registering a domain. If you are not planning to host ten sites any time soon, this might be the best hosting company for you.

Low Cost Hosting – Bluehost – My sites have been hosted by Bluehost for several years and the low cost of hosting all your sites is a bargain. Of course, they have the short outage here and there. But they have been good and solved issues as needed.

Rackspace Cloud Hosting– Want a high end hosting option? Rackspace Cloud Hosting costs a lot more than inexpensive shared hosting but rackspace has very good support, scalable bandwidth and your sites are on multiple servers, which means less outages and less risk of data loss.

These are just a few hosting service providers. You owe it to yourself to compare hosting packages and consider the features. Take some time to figure out what your future website needs will be and select the best hosting company for you.

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