Focusing on developing content is a good thing at the outset

What I Learned From Richard Branson

Slow and Steady Shapes My Blog. Content is king. Obviously, like anything, quality is better than quantity. However, at the outset, I believe it is important to get in the mode of writing frequently and just getting a lot of ideas up on the board to see what resonates with readers.

Creating an intention of “I am a blogger and I would like to take this seriously.”

When I started this blog a few months back I really started with a head of steam and then kind of fell off for a while. That being said, when I was writing I really enjoyed and derived a tremendous amount of satisfaction from it. Therefore, I laid out this plan of a post a day for three weeks to create a serious commitment and get in a good habit of focusing on developing quality content.

Blog promotion as a bi-product of making consistent quality content a priority.
So now that I am writing all this good stuff I want to make sure that people read it. That is why as a bi-product of this writing challenge I have also really made a concerted effort to take a look at SEO, quality plugins, enhance my presence on blog directories, twitter, and also look into other ways to promote “Bits of Business”.

“Is There A Blog Post Here?” Glasses providing a great way to look at life.

Last week I wrote a post about a commercial that I saw on TV, and another about a conversation I had at the theater. Inspiration is everywhere and knowing that I have made a commitment to sharing my ideas with the world helps me to look at the world in a whole new way.

It’s not as easy as it seems

I’ll be honest. I thought that blogging was a little bit silly at first. People just talking about themselves, right? Well maybe in some cases but the truth is that there is really some great stuff out there, some sharp minds behind these things, and some great discussions happening. The only thing is now that I have made a commitment to focus on “Bits” I am trying to hold a candle to some of these bloggers that have really inpsired me. And it is hard work. Very rewarding, but hard.

Social Media is my friend

In the past 10 or so days my unique visitors have gone up by about 2 times and my page loads have gone up about 4 times. This has been helped, in no small part I’m sure, by my new found Twitter presence along with my surge in posting. I review between 150 and 250 blog posts per day. Many of those I find interesting. Now I just tweet them along with my own personal take on it. Also, if I hear a great quote or some interesting thought strikes me I’ll post it.

I have also started to use services such as Twellow, TweetAdder, SocialOomph, Buzzom, and others to find like-minded Tweeps. With a concerted and directed effort, utilizing these tools, it is fairly simple to strengthen your network. I am also considering developing a FaceBook page.

Patience is a Virtue

You don’t develop a following overnight. The important thing is to have fun, write about stuff that is important to you, give it your best effort, and stay with it!

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