How to find investors to start a business

In order to find a company that invests in a young project, and the potential of the project team working on it is not enough. If you want to attract investors – you have to look for them. But where to go, whom to call, how to select the right people and not make a mistake? How to find investors to start a business?

The answer to these questions we know:

1. “There are many different types of investors and before you look for them, you have to understand what resources you need, what needs your project? You need contacts? Time to market and search for buyers? Expertise? Money? Having defined the objectives, you will understand who to call. ”

2. “On one hand, working with investors, you work with the whole company. On the other, you are dealing with individuals. Look at the person who will oversee your project and ask yourself a few questions. As far as he passionate about what you do? Does it burn your eyes? Knows whether it is in the market in which you work or plan to work? What causes it is guided by working in this market? ”

3. “Venture division has almost all of the big corporations. Unlike corporate venture funds from the classic in that company by investing in projects that create the infrastructure and ecosystem for their own development ”

4. “If a company puts together five or six investors – this is too much. The Board of Directors will be too long, because everyone will defend their interests, and everybody will say that ”

5. “Investors have to compete for a startup. A good company is always a choice with whom to work ”

6. “Begin to talk to investors as soon as possible, even if they invest in the project at a later stage. Need to start looking for money before they need ”

7. “Venture capital funds are often specially created barriers and shut themselves off from the world – for example, do not publish contact information on their websites. Funds want to work with those who are willing to reach out to them ”

This is how to find investors to start a business.

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