Facebook Tips for Small Business

Facebook Tips for Small Business

Small businesses that are not harnessing the power of Facebook do not have the opportunity to take advantage of the 750 million active users that are logging on regularly. Not only are these users dedicated to this social networking site on a level that has never been seen before, they are also a large pool of potential customers and clients. This is why all business owners should understand some of the basic tips and tricks to not only maximize their online persona, but to do it as efficiently and quickly as possible.

Invest Your Time Wisely

One of the keys to creating a successful Facebook page is by doing things right the very first time. This may often mean keeping up with a strict schedule, but maintaining a Facebook page does not need to be an extremely time-consuming chore. Instead, small business owners or page managers should set aside a small amount of time every single day to glance over the Facebook page, release updates, and keep in contact with the most influential fans.

When creating a business page, it is also important avoid creating a personal profile page as it is against the Facebook’s terms of service and will reduce one’s ability to acquire a large amounts of fans. All of the informational sections should also be filled out entirely and push towards a call to action. Depending on the type of business, this call to action may be as simple as liking the page in order to further spread the word.

Engage the Fans

Facebook users are notorious for losing interest in pages, events, or trends very quickly. This means that any information that is posted should be as pertinent, engaging, and entertaining as possible. Some of the easiest tactics that can be used to accomplish this is offering sales or giveaways to fans that have liked the page, a picture, or a post. This will often draw huge amounts of new users as well as keep current fans coming back over and over again.

For companies that do not regularly have sales or giveaways, an eye catching status update may be enough. Updates that are witty, comical, and current have a very high likelihood of being shared over and over again. Often, this can be as easy as following influential figureheads and responding to or sharing their own unique information.

Integrate All Online Profiles

Once a business’s Facebook page is beginning to attract attention and is fully developed, it is time to connect the page to all other social media sites and the business’s private web page. Facebook allows users to import various contact lists in order to streamline the process of inviting new fans. This includes utilizing other social networking sites in which a business owner may already be established, such as LinkedIn.

Facebook accounts should also run on the same schedule as a business’s Twitter account. While there are many third-party companies and programs that will automatically update all accounts at once, this can be as simple as notifying Twitter users to check on a Facebook page or providing a link. Careful analysis should be done when updates are made to ensure that status updates are reaching a maximum amount of users while they are online and being active.

These few tips may seem overwhelming, but when broken down into manageable steps, they can revitalize a business’s online presence. No matter the size of one’s company, the time spent efficiently maintaining a Facebook page is always going to result in an overwhelming turnover of paying customers and clients.

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