Do You Have a Microbusiness Philosophy?

Do You Have a Microbusiness Philosophy?

Microbusiness entrepreneurship and philosophy – in the same arena? I can see some of you scratching your head about this idea.

Philosophy is about pursuing wisdom in a disciplined methodology. For those of us microbusiness entrepreneurs who express our creativity and passion through our businesses, we are “applied business philosophers”, or at least, in my opinion. Like many disciplines, even the most scientifically rigorous, the deeper we reach, the more we begin to see how what used to be “science” gradually becomes “art”.

Even scientists (a crowd I once belonged to – long, long time ago) begin to see that quality in their discipline that cannot be quantified, compartmentalized, or fitted into a nice model for display.

When I started out as an entrepreneur, I focused a lot of attention on the discipline and tactical execution of strategies. I was passionate about my mission, but sometimes I took that for granted and don’t appreciate just how critical this passion had been for the longevity and sustainability of my business.

As I matured along my entrepreneurship journey, I still focused attention on the tactical, but I began to pay more attention on that igniting passion, that wisdom – dare I say “soul” – of my business.

I’m not sure if I’ve quite figured it out at this point, because I find myself a neophyte again, looking at entrepreneurship from a fresh perspective and with new appreciation of how little I know. Ironically, this is accompanied with a wealth of insight of how many assumptions I made about the way I structured my business or branded my business, and whether those assumptions matched reality.

For example, I used to focus on consulting and training as part of my business offerings. Over the past few years I’ve realized that this focus was part of my growth as a new entrepreneur, to have hands-on experiences working with companies and individual clients. I marketed or branded myself via educating others and sharing my knowledge. Now, I’m slowing WAY down (because now I have a toddler who demands my attention most of the day), and I’m going back to the basics and reshifting my focus on “educating and sharing” in two areas I’ve become interested in: personal leadership and transformational growth.

Microbusiness entrepreneurship is my vehicle for bringing my ideas of personal leadership and transformational growth to the world. The wisdom of educating and sharing that I had engaged in when I first became an entrepreneur is now paving a way for my next entrepreneurial journey.

What wisdom have you gained from your microbusiness journey?

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