7 Things You Need to Turn Your Home Office into a Bustling Business Hub

7 Things You Need to Turn Your Home Office into a Bustling Business Hub

There are so many gadgets and gizmos designed to make your working life easier, but how many of them actually work? Some of the most complex seem to be the most useless, and some of the most simple can be the most valuable in aiding you closing those important deals. I’m here to help you decide what you really need in your home office.

1. A good chair

I’m sure we all want a great looking chair gracing our immaculately designed offices, but remember that this is something you’ll be sitting in for around 8 hours a day – it needs to be comfortable too. Consider something ergonomic, that will support you back and neck, and prevent pain from an awkward posture – some chairs even use memory foam for ultimate comfort. Be prepared to spend at least £200 on something that will feel great to sit in, and a little more if you want it to look stunning too.

2. A blackboard wall

Yep, this suggestion is a little out there, but something as cheap and simple as this is such a great addition to any office. Just pick one wall, and slap a load of blackboard paint on it, and lo and behold, you have an instant area to jot ideas down/brainstorm/doodle/create a giant calendar on… Way better than a coffee stained piece of paper.

3. CableDrops

These are ingenious little individual sticky-backed cable tidiers. Just stick them to your desk/wall/filing cabinet, clip a cable into them, and rest at ease, knowing your cables will never again revert into one giant, tangled mess. CableDrops also come in a variety of colours, so you can match them to your furniture or use them to make a statement.

4. Microsoft Arc Mouse

The Arc mouse is wireless and great for portability – it’ll work on virtually any surface up to 30ft away, so is great for those of us who fidget and change positions more than we actually work. It also folds to 60% of its size and has 4 programmable buttons.

5. Microsoft Arc Keyboard

(Yes, I’m a little smitten with the Arc range…) The Arc keyboard also maintains the idea that you should be able to work anywhere, be that from your office chair, sofa, lying on the floor, on your bed… You get the idea. The keyboard is curved so it balances perfectly on your lap, and fits easily to your hand, and its wireless with a good range.

6. A charging station

Are your gadgets always running out of juice? An essential for the home office is a good charging station – something you can plug all your gadgets into without trying to sort out your phone from your MP3 from your camera charger. A great one is the IDAPT i4 which comes in a great range of colours to match your office.

7. Mini-fridge and a coffee maker

Depending on whether you can’t turn on the computer without a cup of the brown nectar, or you like to make sure you keep hydrated, making sure you have beverages to hand is important – otherwise you could end up “just getting up for a drink” every 15 minutes. Alternatively, there are USB drink warmers and coolers that you can just plug into your PC.

In my opinion, all of these bits and pieces are essential to the smooth running of your home office – I swear my life has been changed by my charging station and my USB coffee warmer, and I think yours will be too.

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