5 Rules a Network Marketer Must Live By

Would you like to know what are the five rules a network marketer must live by in order to keep leads flowing into your business?
These simple, but effective rules will determine how well your network marketing business will thrive.

Sadly, 98% of network marketers forget about these rules and right them off as ineffective.

That couldn’t be any further from the truth.

Do you want to know what the five rules are?

Here are the 5 Rules of Network Marketing:

1. Be a product of the product

2. Spend 80% of your business building hours prospecting

3. Learn how to effectively present

4. Build a solid customer base then recruit a new distributor to show them how to do the same thing

5. Become a GREAT people person

I hope you noticed that we didn’t talk about tools, techniques, or anything special like that which will enhance your experience.

These days you can use a lot of different tools like the internet to do most of these for you, but some you just can’t.

Take for example #5. The only way you are going to get good at talking with people is that you’re just going to have to do it. And yes, that can be done on the internet. But regardless, you still need to know how to be great with people.

Please think of these network marketing rules as the core to having a successful business. And, look at the tools and techniques as an enhancement to the process.

Do you have a rule you would like to add to the list?

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