3 Steps to Take Action Today

3 Steps to Take Action Today

Like it or not, we all are bombarded with what to do and when. For us business owners, there are so many things on our plates that can help drive more business to us.

However, what we choose to do now is what will determine how successful we will be, no matter if you experience the immediate results right away or not.

That is really key though, because most of us want to have that instant gratification level where if we do something now, then we want results NOW.

Real success doesn’t work that way. In fact, most of the things successful home business owners do today are small in nature. I know you’ve heard this before, but it’s those small things which give you the biggest bang for your buck.

Given that we know this, we can prioritize the tasks that will ultimately lead to a big result.

Here’s an example, let’s say we want to become a master at prospecting and recruiting. One task you can do today in moving you in that direction is to learn about how to prospect and recruit. Another would be to then take what you learned and put it to use on your prospects.

Imagine that you designed your task to get good at prospecting and recruiting. What is the actual task there? This is way too vague, and you’ll get lost in what needs to be done.

What I do when I have my objective, is I break them up into manageable pieces and attack each one at a time.

Make sense?

Now since that is all squared away, let’s take a look at three steps that will get you to take action today.

1. Define what your goal is.

As the example I gave above, this is where you find out what it is you would like to accomplish. This is the part where it’s okay to be vague. This is what this step is designed for. It allows you to put out there what you want to do, basically your objective.

2. Break up your goal into manageable pieces.

Isn’t it much easier to know that you only have to focus on one part at time versus all of it. If you were to focus on all of it, you will soon find yourself getting stressed out and frustrated. You may even experience some procrastination here.

3. Attack your most important one first.

Since you have all of your manageable pieces to the goal, take the one that you feel is of the utmost importance and do that one first. You should then have a list of five or so, where #1 is the one you’re doing first. Never go onto the next one until you’ve completed the first one.

Now, you may think this is way too simple and easy to do, and ignore my advice. However, I would highly encourage you to NOT do that.

Here’s where I learned this from…

Years ago, there was this CEO who was having difficulties with prioritizing and getting results. Not only was he having this problem, so were the rest of his workers.

So he sought out someone that was really good with getting results. He had the CEO go back and do this every single day. After applying it and sharing it with his workers, they saw a huge increase in productivity and sales.

Because the CEO knew exactly what he had to do to get results, he stuck to it.

Do you know what was suggested for CEO to do? It was to create a three step action plan every single day.

So, I can’t take credit for this, but what I can tell you is it works. I use it in our home business, every day.

I hope that you do use this and apply it to your business today. Not tomorrow, today. Today is the only day, tomorrow is not here.

Here’s my challenge to you, create your action plan today, and follow it for a few weeks. After a few weeks, if you get results, come back and share that with us. Sound good?

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