3 Alternative Marketing Techniques Your Small Business Should Be Using

3 Alternative Marketing Techniques Your Small Business Should Be Using

Businesses of all sizes know they should be carrying out comprehensive marketing strategies. And marketers of all abilities know that integrating marketing campaigns is the way to go. But did you know you should be using more than just the typical techniques?

While offsite, online and social media marketing are all proven techniques, there are a number of alternative campaigns your small business should be running. Whatever your budget, here are three simple techniques all marketers can implement:


As well as increasing your reach amongst potential clients, small businesses would do well to network with other industry professionals. By sharing expertise with your peers, you may be able to find new clients, depending on the nature of your business, or forge mutually beneficial partnerships.
This can be done through networking events, tradeshows or social media. Use Twitter and Facebook to join in conversations in your niche and share blog posts and articles from your blog and those of other industry professionals. A quirky business card will make you stand out during face-to-face networking and is always a great ice breaker.

Whichever method you choose, make sure you offer your peers some useful information that is of high quality. If you provide quality information, it is much more likely to be shared with other people, increasing your brand awareness and audience reach.

Vehicle Graphics

On a busy road your car is seen by hundreds, maybe thousands, of unique people during your daily commute to work. It would be impossible for example to hand out a business card to all of these people, but you can still grab their attention.

Vehicle wraps make your car stand out on a busy road, and help you market your company on the move. By enlisting the help of a creative graphic design agency, your vehicle wraps can include your logo, tagline and a unique website URL. By making your car stand out, you can potentially gain website visits or get a number of enquiries.

Simple and effective, these wraps can be added to almost any vehicle and can be as bold and brash or subtle and simple as required. This marketing technique is used by almost all industries and is often seen as a sign or professionalism, putting trust in your business.


Another marketing technique that is often over looked but is great for businesses is the production of an ebook. Continuing on from the theme of sharing high quality content, an ebook that provides industry insider information is a great thing to share with customers and peers. Whatever your niche, there is plenty of information you could be able to share with your audience and help increase your brand awareness.

When it comes to marketing, thinking outside the box will help you come up with some memorable campaigns and prove to be extremely successful. Depending on your budget, you can integrate you techniques to yield the best results. Whatever your niche, make sure you make an impact with your marketing.

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